Costa rica Anaerobic - Single origin - 250g

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Svarta vinbär, fruktigt och choklad

Lot: Los Monos

Rostningsgrad: Ljusrost

Rostdatum: 2021-06-23

Varietet: Yellow Catuaí Bärtorkat

Region: Peréz Zeledon, Brunca

Producent: Senel Campos

Process: Dry Anaerobico 

Växthöjd: 1400–1700 m ö.h. 

Mill: Don Senel

Lite om Anaerobic:


Post-harvest process: Cherries where picked at a suggar level of Briz 28. After harvest, floaters are separated before cherries was dried on African bed for 110 hours with movements every 2 hours. Then the fruit was placed in anaerobic fermentation tanks without an escape valve for 120 hours. In this process there is no leachate due to the 110 hours of pre-drying that is given to the fruit at the beginning. Then the fruit is transferred to slow-drying greenhouses seeking to prolong the drying of the fruit. Cherries was covered with a tissue called ‘saran’, and cherries were moved every 5 hours. Drying time 45 days, and resting after drying for 60 days before coffee was being prepared for export.