Kenya Kichawir Tvättat PB - Single origin - 250g

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Lätt och elegant, röd grapefrukt, lime, fläder


Rostningsgrad: Ljusrost 

Rostdatum:13 Jan 2022

Varietet: SL, Ruiru, Batian 

Region: Kericho county, Kipkelion

Producent: Kichawir Farmers Cooperative

Process: Tvättat

Växthöjd: 1700–2100 m ö.h. 

Grade: PB


Kichawir Farmers Cooperative Society is located in Kericho County, Kipkelion East Constituency, Chepseon Ward, Kichawir Village. This part of Kenya is mostly know for tea plantations, but slowly coffee is coming back as a crop to count on. Kichawir was registered in 1999 by chief Isaac Rono with only 20 members. It was not operational due to financial challenges from the members. The number of registered members were maintained at 20 until 2011 when a full board was elected with Joseph Cheres as chairman. In 2019 582 members are registered and the numbers grow every year. Varieties grown are, just like most other parts of Kenya, a mix of old SL plants and new Ruiru and Batian that grow in popularity by farmers as they give higher yield and are more resistant to pests than SL. Kichawir has an ambition on getting an organic certificate and work with farm training in how to fertilize and do pest control in an organic way.