Kenya Mutura Estate- Tvättat PB - Single estate - 250g

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Rostningsgrad: Ljusrost 

Rostdatum: 2021-11-17

Varietet: SL, Ruiru, Batian 

Region: Embu

Producent: Matura Estate

Process: Tvättat

Växthöjd: 1520  m ö.h. 

Farm and mill: Mutura Estate

Producer: Madame Jane

Harvest time: January 2021


Mutura Estate is a farm in Embu, on the border to Kirinyaga, Kenya. Madame Jane is the boss, after taking over the farm from her late husband Mutura. Madam Jane has 10 000 trees, and a mix of SL and Ruiru, where the later is in majority. Altitude is 1520 masl and all coffee produces is pulped on a small 1 disk pulper, fermented and dried on tables that stand in different shaded spots around the house. While she also makes small lots of natural, the majority of her coffee is washed. All process is done by hand on the farm, and the 1-disk pulper is portable and kept in the house during the night for safekeeping, being one of the major investments on the farm in terms of machinery. After pulping, dry fermenting and washing the pergamino coffee dry on tables in shaded places around the farm.