Etiopien Beloya - Bärtorkat - Single origin - 250g

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Rostningsgrad: Ljusrostat

Rostdatum: 2021-11-17

Varietet: Mixed heirloom

Process: Natural

Origin: Red cherry are bought from more than 200 farmers in Beloya who grow their coffee on the hills surrounding the process station.

Kochere is the district where the station is located, with Chelelectu as its main town. At Kochere process station Heleanna keep 5 permanent workers including the manager Tessema Tzigso. But numbers increase during harvest when many more hands are needed to sort the cherries drying to ensure a sweet, clean and mature coffee. Coffee is bought from a number of villages in the area and this specific lot comes from Beloya.

District: Kochere

Town: Chelelectu

Kebele: Beloya

Type of farming: Semi Forest and Garden

Harvest time: November-December

Altitude: 1770 m ö.h.